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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower legal professionals and transform the industry.

The Paper Ant

The ant is social and organised, lives and works as a community, and stays on task under immense pressure—much likes us.

We believe work and community are the same—much like the ant:
First, a common purpose to solve complex problems. Then, the social organisation of our collective resource.

We are ZHIANT.


Our Team

We are a nimble team of qualified experts in the fields of technology consulting, electronic discovery, computer science, digital strategy, research and legal services. Our international team of advisors and core members provide a breadth of experience to our capabilities, joining us from organisations like Microsoft, FTI Consulting, Accenture, UNSW and Government. We administer solutions of various complexities and for organisations of all sizes. We form a collective resource of business transformation.

We are data-centric because we know good decisions are made based on good data.

We are systematic in our division of labour because we know how to work smart.

We are task-driven because if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.