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The three ways we can help with data.


Electronic Discovery software can help you organise, understand and prioritise your dataset. Early Case Assessment enables you to use keyword search and data reduction tools and strategies, including filtering and de-duplication.

This minimises costly review and production costs, and allows for a holistic view of your data and overall legal liability before a case begins.

You can start collaborating on high-value and high-risk client data, that involves multiple parties, multiple lawyers, and geographically dispersed plaintiffs and defendants.


Access a cloud-based deal room built to manage the entire life-cycle of any commercial transaction. Consolidate all project documents, communication and deal management with dispersed teams, across multiple locations, in one place.

Complete confidentiality and security over competitor bidding, varying restrictions are applied to each users’ digital rights depending on their part in the deal. Real-time reports on user activity within the system.

Working at high pace,  means you need a technology that enhances the way you collaborate on corporate and commercial transaction.


Blockchain makes for excellent record-keeping technology.

Records on the blockchain are distributed on multiple nodes, ensuring no single point of failure or vulnerability.

You can sign and store files securely on the blockchain as access to your records are encrypted cryptographically.

zhiant is your law firm's data assistant.

Electronic Discovery

  • Collection + Processing
  • Early Case Assessment
  • Near Duplicate Detection
  • Email Threading
  • Keyword Expansion
  • Concept Searching
  • Categorisation + Clustering
  • Technology Assisted Review
  • Granular Control User Access
  • Hosting
  • Litigation Consulting

Virtual Data Rooms

  • High Availability
  • Document Security
  • Data Centre Security
  • Access Security
  • Audits + Reports
  • Customisable User Interface
  • Accessibility
  • Data Sovereignty
  • Privacy + Security Compliance
  • Encryption

Blockchain Services

  • Smart Contracts-aaS
  • Payments Infrastructure
  • Static Registry
  • Dynamic Registry
  • Identity Registry
  • Blockchain-aaS
  • ICO Support