Plans & Pricing

Add Ons

User(s) Access
$150 / user / month

The monthly user fee will apply for the month if a user is active for ANY duration during that calendar month. User fees are not charged on a pro-rata basis. The billing cycle always starts on 1st day of the month. Hosting fees are charged based on usage from the first day of each calendar month, and in full month increments (pro-rata unavailable).

Advanced Analytics
$100 / GB / month

Advanced Analytics enables users to use review features like concept searching, clustering and Technology Assisted Review.

Nearline Storage (Archiving)
$10 / GB / month

Near-ready archiving ensures you can have your data accessible within 24 hours of making a request.

Training & Technical Support
$150 / hour

Training is provided to ensure a baseline understanding of the review platform and further support for troubleshooting technical issues.

Data Management
$150 / hour

Data management prior to loading: data manipulation; managing corrupt or erroneous data; importing/exporting data.

Data Forensics
$350 / hour

Data collection, forensic analysis and reporting.

$350 / hour

Managing tasks – internal/external client meetings and calls; workflow strategy/design; ESI protocols; database/process/system design and implementation; systems integration.

Other Party – ESI Collection
$300 / tranche (load file)

Importing of documents, text, metadata, multiple field mapping, custom field population, incremental build of indexes, sets and running of scripts. All electronically stored informaiton ("ESI") and its associated metadata should be collected in legally defensible manner–proportionate, efficient, auditable, and targeted. The collection of ESI involves the extraction of native files, including HDD, SSD, USB, Flash, Mobile, Cloud Repositories, Text, Social Media, Audio, Video, Multi-media and Voice. This inclusion in your subscription level is based on the collection on a per tranche (load file) basis.

Disclosure Export
$2,000 / tranche (load file)

Exporting of documents, inclusive of redactions, OCR, creation of placeholders and MDB or load file in a level or flat structure.

Legal Hold
$1,500 / hold

A legal hold (or litigation hold) is the preservation electronically stored information (ESI) that may be relevant to a legal matter or investigation. The process ensures that the ESI is protected until it can be collected for review or until the dispute is resolved.

$100 / custodian

Data management prior to loading: data manipulation; managing corrupt or erroneous data; importing/exporting data.